Services I Provide To My Clients

I don’t do “cookie cutter.” I start with my clients by working with them to understand what they want to accomplish, and we figure out what areas I can help them to do so. As you will see below, there are lots of things I can do, but which set of them will be the appropriate ones will be discovered in conversation with my client. I have clients I work with a couple times a month and others I do work for every day. 

That being said, I work primarily in three areas: LinkedIn, content and email marketing. 

LinkedIn related services

In almost every instance, my clients have specific goals I am working with them on: It can be as broad as wanting sales to increase by ten percent this year, or as granular as wanting five more prospects to address each month.  

My programs include unlimited assistance – the client and I agree on what assistance, coaching or training I will provide and they get unlimited access for me to do it. This can include any of the following: 

Training – all aspects of using LinkedIn and Sales Navigator for sales including Invitations to connect (giving and receiving), connection strategies, content writing, posting and best practices, building and managing company pages, messaging, LinkedIn profiles, searching for people, searching for companies, searching for content, the two free outreach message hacks, introduction and referral strategies, writing outreach messages that get responses (there are eight elements to top notch outreach messages), joining and participating in LinkedIn Groups,and LinkedIn features and pitfalls to avoid.

I teach whichever of these concepts my clients require and then do ongoing coaching so that these ideas become habits. 

I also do one on one coaching and strategies with sales team members for specific accounts including search, research and outreach message design. 

Consulting – I work with clients on specific LinkedIn content strategies, and LinkedIn Groups.

Research – in some instances, clients don’t really care about learning the “how” so they ask me to do any of all of the following for them: prospect searches, search for email addresses for prospects, competitor intelligence, headhunting

Manage on behalf of – optimize and manage company pages. I used to manage LinkedIn Groups but I advise my clients that they are not really worth the effort required these days. 

Content related services

I offer ongoing assistance to clients with their content. My programs include unlimited assistance – I agree with my client on what assistance they need and they get unlimited access for me to do it. This can include any of the following: 

Train – I train clients on posting and content best practices, LinkedIn articles, posts, using hashtags, company pages, and the new LinkedIn newsletters. 

Consult – I advise clients on content calendars, writing content, LinkedIn articles, posts, and videos. 

Do on behalf of – in some cases, clients ask me to edit content, or to write content, testimonials, case studies, how-to’s, and checklists.

Email newsletter related services

I offer ongoing assistance to clients with their Email newsletters; actually in many instances we start their email newsletter forms scratch. All my email programs include unlimited assistance – we agree on what assistance is needed and my client gets bandwidth from me to do it. This can include any of the following: 

Consult – newsletter design, editorial calendar, database maintenance, A/B testing and other optimization practices.

Do on behalf of – newsletter design, editing, managing, database install and cleaning, reporting, experiments.