Services I Provide To My Clients


I coach companies, their marketing teams and their sales teams. LinkedIn is my preferred tool for search, research and some of the outreach techniques that I teach.

I help companies with the following problems:

We suspect that there are prospects out there that we are unaware of..

I teach my clients how to use LinkedIn’s search capabilities effectively – the goal is to be able to uncover all of the prospects meeting your criteria and to do so quickly.

For clients with “one off” searches I will perform the search on their behalf.

We have identified the prospects but they don’t respond to our outreach messages.

I teach my clients how to research prospects, figure out the best outreach method and how to craft messages that will get a high probability of a response.

Our sales reps have a lots of sales in the pipeline, but those sales don’t move. 

I coach my clients on how to identify what is causing prospective sales to get stuck in the pipeline, and what can be done to get them moving again.

I do everything from fine tuning the messages used to designing entire prospecting programs from scratch.

We need to stop competing on price.

I teach my clients how to stop being pigeon holed as a commodity. We work on developing and using your differentiation.

Our marketing is missing the mark.

I work with my clients on publishing on LinkedIn, LinkedIn company pages, content creation, editing, editorial calendars, blogging and email newsletters.