A Story Which Reveals What I Think Of Automated Lead Gen On LinkedIn  

Prospect: I see that you are advertising automated lead generation for LinkedIn? 

Sales Rep: You’ve come to the right place. We have a nice suite with modern selling, the buyer’s journey, thought leadership and digital selling.

Prospect: Hmm…

Sales Rep: or how about a lovely set of tools incorporating modern selling, warm leads, spam and actionable content?

Prospect: Did you just say spam? 

Sales Rep: Then again our most popular offering has the buyer’s journey, spam, the social selling index, spam and a disclaimer that you are responsible for ensuring you are in compliance with the LinkedIn user agreement. 

Prospect: I see. But…

Sales Rep (interrupting): ‘Course you could always go with the modern sales approach, spam, artificial intelligence, spam, messaging and spam. 

Prospect: Wait a second, are you suggesting this may not be in compliance with the Li user agreement?

Sales rep: That’s not our problem. You’re the one using the software. Where was I? Oh yes, there’s always the spam, filtering, spam, social selling, spam, outreach, spam and spam. 

Prospect: Well in that case… 

Sales rep: I’m not done yet. There’s spam, spam, spam, spam and auto-repeat sending of the spam over and over again.

Prospect: Is your product really just spam?

Sales rep: Mostly. 


(with apologies to Chapman, Cleese, Gilliam, Idle, Jones, and Palin)