Should You Have A LinkedIn Company Page?

note the use of primitive hashtags…


This may seem like a silly question, but there is a case to be made for not having a company page – or as LinkedIn calls them these days a “LinkedIn Page”. I am an example of this idea as I manage or co-manage eleven company pages for clients but don’t have one myself.

Here are the pros and cons of just what you can do with a Page and what a Page can do for you.

Your reach with your Company posts will be pretty poor.

The fact is LinkedIn just does not distribute company page content that much. Yesterday, I got a notification that one company I follow had published a post. This company publishes two or three times a week. This was the first notification I had received or post I had seen this year. Your organic reach just isn’t there. There is conjecture that LinkedIn will go to a pay for distribution model like Facebook’s.

It takes work!

Setting up a Page is easy. Populating it with really good content – on a regular basis – is another story. Pages need content, and the more the merrier. And that content needs to do one thing: show the visitor that you have the answers to their questions. Your content should be “benefits loaded”, that is less about your capabilities and more about your customer’s results. Even for companies that have that mindset, coming up with a steady stream of that content is a lot of work.

A Page allows your Company to be found on LinkedIn.

Your description and the keywords, phrases, hashtags and specialties you list all provide “hooks” that searchers on LinkedIn can use to find your company. I think this is a vastly undervalued part of a LinkedIn Page, and many companies do not take advantage of it. And it only takes five minutes to set up or fix.

You can use it to establish your credibility.

This would be the role of that content I talked about above. Establishing credibility is a missing part of many companies’ sales processes. You need to have credibility in order to be considered. A Company Page is a good place to start that ball rolling, because then…

You can use your Page to send people back to your website

LinkedIn doesn’t really give you much room to stretch out and write posts – the character limit for Page posts is 700 characters including spaces and punctuation, and you can’t say very much in that amount of space. The solution is a teaser for your content and then to have a link back to the content on your website.


A company page is good for credibility, but not for reach. For companies, as long as you can keep up with the commitment to write good content, a Page is worthwhile. If you work for yourself, I would suggest that you can do a good job building your credibility without a Page by publishing articles – which can be found via Search, and are also indexed by Google Search – and by attaching featured documents to your Profile.