The Only Question You Need To Answer To Market Successfully On LinkedIn

This applies to every post, article, or company page update you publish on LinkedIn.
Ask yourself, “what’s in it for them?”
What do your ideal customers want? Why are they here on LinkedIn? What questions are they asking? What information do they need?
And then one final question,  “How can I give it to them?”
What I find many companies do is they say they are answering that question, but when you look at what they have published, it’s “what’s in it for our company?”
You get interviews with the company brass, press releases on new equipment they have purchased, list of their capabilities, and supposed benefits customers receive from working with them.
I had a client just the other week where they were putting together a piece of content on one special type of work they could do. They put together two mock pages, one with the special capabilities at the top and one with a blurb about how the company had been in business for forty years, and the other one with the company and capabilities reversed. They canvased the company management for their opinion. Here was my opinion:
“When your ideal customer is searching LinkedIn for answers, which is the burning question their engineers and manufacturing people are looking for answers to?”
a) “Is there anyone out there that can build this special requirement we have?”
b) “I wonder if there are companies out there that have been around for forty years?”
My opinion prevailed.
If you perpetually drive yourself to ask “what do they want? What’s in it for them?” you will come up with better content and get a much better response to it on LinkedIn.
And they will come back for more.