Introductions: The “You Don’t Need Sales Navigator” Strategy

If you have 500 LinkedIn connections and those connections have 500 connections each, you have 250,000 second degree connections. A lot of them are going to be people you would like to connect with.
Want proof? Go take a company that you would like to get more deeply into and search for it. Choose “people” as the result. Now select just your second level connections. What you will probably find is that while you don’t have a “two” that is THE person you would like to meet, you have multiple pathways into the company.
So turn your connections into your ambassadors and ask them to introduce you to people they know at those target companies.
I know what a lot of people will be saying: I have 1500 connections but I really don’t know them all that well, maybe only 300 of them. Fine. Just work with the 300. If they have 300 connections each that they in turn know well, that’s 90,000 people they can introduce you to.
What does an introduction take?
“Alan this is Brenda, this is how I know Brenda. Brenda has some unique insights into widgets.”
“Brenda this is Alan, this is how I know Alan. Alan has been in the abracadabra industry for fifteen years.”
That’s it. This isn’t rocket science.
Here’s why introductions are huge: Credibility.
The person making the introduction for you bestows upon you credibility with the other person you would like to meet. It is just a sheen of credibility, a starter kit of credibility, but it gives you you a shot at making  an impression. You don’t get this credibility boost via InMail, email, or cold call.
What an introduction on LinkedIn decodes as is “This is someone I know. He or she is not going to waste your time.”
And the secret to making this strategy work? Offer to do it for your connections first.