Optimizing Your LinkedIn Homepage Feed

Seeing what you want and getting rid of the stuff you don’t want.
Ah, your homepage feed on LinkedIn. What most users don’t realize is that you have options to tune your homepage feed and make it more useful. In this post I will show you some macro settings to optimize what you are seeing.
The place we want to go is “Settings and Privacy.” It’s accessed through a drop down menu under your avatar. Under the Account column you will find…
Autoplay Videos.
Choose whether you want videos to start playing when you scroll to them, or if you want to hit play yourself. I always have this set to “off.” I am not a fan of scrolling down and having a video come to life with some vidiot yelling at me to buy his guaranteed solution. If there is a video I think I want to watch, it is not exactly onerous to hit “Play”.
Feed preferences will take you to a whole new screen. Here there will be “Follow Fresh Perspectives,” the number of people you are following and the people that are following you. Let’s take then one by one:
Follow Fresh Perspectives
You will be given a ton of choices here: Hashtags, Companies, Influencers, Magazines and Websites. You are telling LinkedIn what content you want to see in your homepage feed. Note that as I mentioned in this newsletter a couple months ago, electing to follow someone or something in the case of a hashtag or company does not guarantee you will see all of that content.
Following will be preceded by a number, which is your number of connections. By default when you connect with someone you follow each other. You can choose which connections you no longer wish to follow here. Don’t worry about getting it right the first time, as you can unfollow people on an as needed basis from your homepage feed anytime. This page is a really useful one as it will dawn on you after a moment that your connections are listed by how often they post every week. This is your opportunity to get rid of the serial posters that clog up your feed and appear there over and over again. As I reviewed my list while I was writing this post, despite the fact I review this page every few months I had managed to get a couple new people who post over a hundred times a week!
Note that there are also slider filters at the top right of this people chart and you can do the same for out of network people you are following like Bill Gates and other influencers, plus companies and hashtags you are following. You may be surprised at some of the people and topics you are following that you had forgotten about.
Followers – again preceded by a number – are all the people following you on LinkedIn. Before you get all big headed about this number, realize that it is just your connections plus anyone who has decided they want to follow you. For most people this number will be very close or exactly the same as their number of connections. People that amass large numbers of true followers usually fall into one of three categories:
  • they are legitimate influencers like the aforementioned Mr Gates
  • they are decision makers at their companies and get lots of sales people following them
  • they publish a lot on LinkedIn and attract followers over time
I fit in the latter category. I have a little over five thousand connections and another three thousand followers. Note that three thousand followers sounds great until you realize that I have probably published around six hundred posts and articles on LinkedIn so my average published content gains me five – count ‘em five – new followers.
Okay, this gives you some good info to work with. Go give your homepage feed a (late) spring cleaning and next post I will show you how to fine tune your feed on the fly.