What LinkedIn says and what the reality is: Publishing 

Let’s look at a few of the things LinkedIn says, what most people think it means and what it really means. Today we will look at publishing on LinkedIn. 

You publish a post or article on LinkedIn. LinkedIn tells you that your followers will  have the opportunity to see your post or article. 

What most people think that means: Say you have one thousand connections. You think one thousand connections will see you have posted. 

What it really means: some of your connections will have the opportunity to see your post. Maybe. 

Reality part 1: 

The reality is that when you publish on LinkedIn, LinkedIn puts your content in the news feed of 5-10% of connections. In the case above, that’s fifty to one hundred of them. The more people that engage with your post in the first sixty minutes, the more additional connections LinkedIn will put your content in front of. 

Reality part 2: 

When LinkedIn puts your content in front of your connections, that means it simply appears in their news feed. They don’t have to see it there to count as a view. It’s like you open a newspaper to read an article on page 5. Everything on those two pages you have opened – pages four and five – would be considered as being “viewed” by LinkedIn’s definition, because you could have viewed them if you had only looked around. Note also that there is a big difference between “viewed” and “read” too. 

Reality part 3: 

LinkedIn likes to talk about your followers. You likely have none, or at best a handful. Unless you are an influencer or someone who writes a lot, it is unlikely you have any followers aside from your connections. 

Reality part 4: 

Except in rare instances, LinkedIn does not notify your connections or followers that you have published something. 

The bad news is that your content isn’t going as far as you think it is. The good news is that given your connections have a lot lower probability of seeing your content in the first place, your engagement is a lot better than you think it is.