The Open Profile Hack For Sending Free Messages On LinkedIn

Nice, but definitely not free.


Did you know that you can send messages for free to some LinkedIn users that have Premium subscriptions? They are called Open Messages, and most people don’t even know they exist. 

Any premium LinkedIn member can choose to be “Open Profile.” If someone is Open Profile, they can be sent a free message, called an Open Message by any LinkedIn member. 

This is an elective choice that Premium members can make on their accounts. But if you were paying for a LinkedIn premium membership, wouldn’t you want to make it easy for people to contact you? I have a Premium Subscription myself and I get a half dozen messages every month from people who would not otherwise be able to contact me through LinkedIn. 

Open Messaging is a little sneaky. 

If you have Sales Navigator or a Business Premium Account you will be shown people who are Open Message. On their profile will be a green box that says “OPEN”, just to the right of the gold colored “IN” badge. Click on “Message” and a message box will appear. 

For free LinkedIn users, there is no OPEN designation visible, you have to click to send a message and you will find out then whether that person can be sent a free message or not. 

A ways back I ran an intensive outreach campaign. Over a four week period I sent just under two hundred outreach messages to second and third degree connections. I looked for Open Profile people in my searches and just sent my outreach messages to them. Yes, in essence I sent almost 200 InMails…for free.

This isn’t something you can use every day, in every situation. But any time you come across someone interesting or in a search with a premium subscription, it is worthwhile clicking on “message” to see if you can send them one for free. 

Take your edges where you can get them. They add up.

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