Why the first three lines of a LinkedIn post are critical to its success on LinkedIn

Simple but important message today

You see this on your homepage for posts – perhaps a heading, then some text, and then a “see more” at the end of one of the first sentences.  

When you publish a post you get three lines before the “see more” shows up (if you don’t use an image, you get five lines). 

Blank lines count towards the three lines. If you purposefully leave a line blank, that counts as one of your three. 

Okay, so how does this help or hurt us in our posting? 

Those first lines of a post are effectively a teaser for the rest of the post. If people do not become intrigued by those first few lines, you lose them.  They don’t bother clicking “see more”. They don’t read the rest of your post and of course they will not like, comment on or share it. 

So use those three lines wisely. Treat them like you would the subject line in an email. 

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