Thinking of trying LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Thinking of trying LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Take advantage of a few edges.

There are a couple idiosyncrasies with LinkedIn that you can use to your advantage in deciding whether or not to sign up for Sales Navigator. 

The first of these is that LinkedIn (as of this writing) charges $79.99 per month for Sales Navigator Pro or $799.88 a year if you pay up front. Subscriptions are non-refundable. 

That being the case, here are some strategies you may want to explore:

  • If you are uncertain at all, you should buy a month to month subscription. The last thing you want to do is pay for an entire year and then find two months later that you are not using it. Consider the “extra” you are paying each month to be an insurance policy 
  • Given the option of going month to month gives you a very low cost experimental period. But before you sign up, have both a clear idea of what you can do with Sales Navigator, and how you are specifically going to use it. 
  • If you have one specific purpose in mind for needing Sales Navigator and it looks like a one time thing, treat your subscription that way. Get Sales Nav for a month or two and conduct that monster search, or use InMail to reach out to all those people at that target company and then drop Sales Nav. You can always come back a few months later!
  • From your free LinkedIn account, go look at Sales Navigator features and pricing a few times. This can sometimes generate a free trial offer. Some free trials are good for 90 days. I call this ”fishing for freebies”.
  • Then go do the same thing except from your web browser. A Sales Navigator ad with a free trial may pop up on your screen sometime in the next few days.

And if you need training, you know where to find me. 

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