LinkedIn Articles vs LinkedIn Posts – A Real Life Look

(all views are not alike)

I thought it might be interesting to compare the results and statistics from an article I published in January on LinkedIn and from a post I published two weeks later on LinkedIn. 

The article was one on statistics, and was published Tuesday January 28th around 7:30am.

The post was about followers, and it was posted Tuesday February 12th, also around 7:30am.

The article got 515 views, while the post got 15,500. While this would seem to indicate the post was better, getting 30X the views of the article, this is a classic case of views being a misleading statistic on LinkedIn.

Let’s dig a little deeper and look at the engagement each piece of content received. 

Here’s the article results:

  • 78 reactions
  • 7 reshares
  • 50 people viewed my profile

That is 157 engagements in total, so 30% of my viewers engaged with my article.

Here’s the post results: 

  • 149 reactions, 
  • 2 reshares
  • 47 people viewed my profile

That is 280 engagements in total, or just under 2% of my viewers engaged with my post. 

So, the post generated more engagement, but nothing near what the views would suggest. 

Because posts are short and easily written, I use them to start conversations and increase my reach. Articles can be longer and have more flexibility in terms of presentation – font sizes and headings, photos, bullet points and numbering – so I use them for longer content that increases my credibility. 

But the post will die and be buried in my activity, whereas the article will live on, searchable on google – which it has been six times already – and getting new readers in. In a lot of ways articles and posts are the tortoise and the hare. Over time articles show their worth. Each has their place in a LinkedIn content strategy. My rule of thumb is to use posts to start conversations and use articles to increase my credibility.