Outperform Your Peers with the 5:1 Ratio For Promotion On LinkedIn

Pretty simple analogy here that is quite instructive.

Let’s say that a network television channel puts a program on for an hour. Of that hour, they give us fifty or so minutes of interesting content that we want to watch. In return they “earn” the right to show us ten minutes of commercials. That is the deal that network television makes with us viewers: “If we give you fifty minutes of content, will you trade that for allowing us to show ten minutes of commercials?”  

If it was the other way round, and we had to watch fifty minutes of commercials an hour to see ten minutes of content, how many people would watch? Not many. Okay, none. Because that would be an awful trade off. Actually, even the fifty minutes content / ten minutes commercials model is under assault by companies like NetFlix, Amazon and Hulu.

So why do people seem to think that LinkedIn users would be happy to see non-stop commercials? Some people and companies publish the equivalent of sixty minutes of commercials an hour, a steady stream of promotional stuff that is all about them and not about their potential reader / follower and what they want to see.

And then they wonder why they don’t get any traction on LinkedIn.

Here’s an easy idea to help you be successful publishing and sharing on LinkedIn: figure out what your ideal prospects want and give them some of it. Take your cue from the television show / commercial mix and add some something promotional every sixth post – or even less often than that if you can manage it.

Having something promotional that gets sent out every once in a while and gets seen by some readers is better than sending out a lot of promotional material that gets seen by no one.  

Earn your shots and outperform your peers.