Cooking Up Better Response Rates From Your Messages On LinkedIn

a secret ingredientCooking Up Better Response Rates From Your Messages On Linkedin

Write for your reader and get better results.

Two weight loss clinics sit across the street from each other.

One weight loss clinic has a huge sign in the window saying, “Look fabulous for the holiday season!”

Across the street the other clinic has a huge sign saying,  “We feature a bland and monotonous diet!”

Which approach do you think has greater appeal to prospective customers?

The difference is that the first clinic focuses on their target customer’s results while the second clinic focuses on the features of their program.

And the second clinic’s methodology is a trap that we all fall into in sending messages to other people on LinkedIn. We are thinking of our own needs along with the features of our products or services. That gets reflected in our messages.

Instead of phrasing a message around the other person’s problems or asking about the other person’s problems, we blast away with all the features of our products or services – “It’s faster! Easier to use! It comes in green!”

The next time you send a message to another LinkedIn member ask yourself:

What does this person want?

How can I help them get it?

Then write your message accordingly. If you do this, you will write better messages that get better results.