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Whose Content Do You See On LinkedIn?

What the heck difference does it make if you Subscribe, Follow, Connect or Ring the Bell? I recently had a hard time explaining the differences to a client when in all four cases LinkedIn seems to assure us that making any one of these choices will result in us receiving that person’s content. When we […]

6 Ways To Get More Engagement From Your Content On LinkedIn

“I am publishing content but just not getting any engagement.” is a popular refrain I hear. People want to know how to get more engagement with their posts, polls, articles and newsletters. Here are six ways you can help yourself.  1) Grow your network This is both remarkably obvious and remarkably overlooked. And it completely […]

What Clients Are Saying…

"Bruce really knows his way around the nooks and crannies of LinkedIn. Most importantly, Bruce has developed very imaginative ways of using Linkedin as a key tool for communicating with your clients, customers and the world." - Daniel Gogek, Lawyer, International Consultant, Social Innovation and Conflict Resolution Specialist

"I met Bruce on LinkedIn (of course!) and we worked together collaboratively on a column he wrote on the effective use of Linked in, specifically for the electronics industry. I quickly learned that, not only does Bruce understand the electronics business thoroughly, he has become an expert in helping companies grow sales through the use of social media tools. Judy Warner, Sales and Marketing Manager, Transline Technology Inc.