About Bruce Johnston

For the past thirty years I have worked in sales and management with high tech products and services for the most part with telecom and datacom test and network management equipment and systems.

At different times I have worked as a direct salesperson, as an independent rep, and as a distributor. And I have also set up and managed direct sales teams, and networks of independent rep firms and distributors. I have made sales calls on my own and with members of my various teams to customers in almost every U.S. State and Canadian Province.

I believe Social media and LinkedIn in particular represent an opportunity for B2B sales professionals. Companies that have focus and clarity in their practical application of these concepts will have a tremendous advantage. Every company is different, and every company’s requirements are different. I work with my clients to understand their needs and help them use Social Media to get to customers before their competitors do, find customers their competitors can’t, turn customers into their Social Media sales force, and above all, increase their sales.

And as a businessman, I want to see the return on my investment. So do my clients. That means real goals, not fuzzy stuff like numbers of “likes”.